Smoked products

Our Specialities

Beech wood and aromatic herbs

Bacon, Duroc Ham and Turkey.....

After cooking and drying, the pieces of ham, shoulder or bacon are left to stand and the final smoking is prepared only on the basis of natural smoke obtained directly from charcoal grills. The process is made at low temperature following traditional blends and techniques.

This finish browns the outside of the product and gives it a delicate aroma of fine woods and spices. For years Espina has taken special care and control of this process, thus achieving its own smoked product which is highly valued by the markets. The smoking process is adapted according to the thickness of the piece and the meat/fat ratio.

Espina's smoked products are characterized by their softness and delicate caramelization, as well as by their sophisticated aroma of noble woods.

Espina does not manufacture with liquid smoke.