Presenting Espina Verd, a new vegetarian and vegan range

New vegetarian and vegan starters Espina Verd: delicious and healthy


One of the current market demands is alternative protein sources to meat. In line with this trend and based on our trade and centuries-old tradition in the production of charcuterie, at Embotits Espina we have launched a new range of vegetarian and vegan cold meats: Espina Verd.

Delicious and healthy, the new Espina Verd starters are aimed at vegetarian and vegan consumers, as well as the general public that has an interest in reducing meat consumption in their diet. 

With an excellent taste and texture, the range distinguishes between vegetarian and vegan starters. There are two types of vegetarian starters: olives and fine herbs, and grilled vegetables. Both contain egg whites from free-range hens.

Regarding the vegan line, the product is Vecon, smoked vegetable slices with bacon taste. It is a 100% vegetable vegan product made from pea protein.  

Espina Verd vegetarian and vegan starters are a new venture by Embotits Espina in response to gastronomic trends such as the vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets and the interest in reducing meat and fat. Also, they contribute to the environment by helping to reduce greenhouse gases generated by livestock farming.

Espina Verd is therefore an interesting addition to our catalogue, governed by taste, quality and health.