Duroc extra hams

Quality of origin

The whole range of high quality Espina cooked hams is made with Duroc pork.

Pigs of great purity and genetic quality

Duroc is a North American breed with characteristics very similar to the Iberian breed of pig. This coincidence has allowed the Duroc breed to be accepted by the different Regulatory Councils of the Iberian pig to be used in crossbreeding with the Iberian breed.

In short, in the presence of a Duroc product qualification it will be very important to declare its percentage of genetic purity. This regulation foresees commercialization of two categories: 50% Duroc Breed and 100% Duroc Breed. 

The morphological characteristics of its vetoed musculature are optimal for fixing the desired aromas and flavours. Tasted in thin slices, Duroc hams quickly melt and transmit in your mouth all the organoleptic sensations acquired during maceration and cooking.